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  • Mattress Mack 2023 Kentucky Derby

    Shocker – Mattress Mack Loses Again

    Jim McIngvale, aka “Mattress Mack”, was at it again over the weekend. The Houston-area Gallery Furniture retail chain owner lost $1.2 million on Kentucky Derby favorite Angel Empire on Saturday. I...
  • Mattress Mack loses NCAA tournament bet 2023

    Mattress Mack at It Again – And by It We Mean Losing

    Everyone in the sports betting world has heard of Mattress Mack. Even if you are not in the sports betting world you may have heard of this guy. What started as a way to generate business at his furni...
  • Mattress Mack Super Bowl 57 report

    Mattress Mack Sitting Out Super Bowl 57

    The furniture store guru from Texas Mack MacIngvale says he is “sitting this one out.”. He goes on to say that “the odds are too tight.” The odds he is referring to are the 1.5...
  • Mattress Mack at it again

    Here is How Much Mattress Mack Bet on the Astros to Win it All

    On Tuesday night, Jim McIngvale, better known as “Mattress Mack,” was feeling a bit dejected. His Houston Astros had just lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the 2022 MLB World Series. ...
  • How Many Games Has Mattress Mack Won?

    What is Mattress Mack’s Betting Record?

    (Updated January 31, 2024) Imagine making it all the way until your late 60’s before you became a gambling junkie. That’s exactly what “Mattress Mack” did. Jim “Mattress Mack...
  • Mattress mack places bet

    Mattress Mack at it Again – Places Huge Super Bowl Bet

    Fans of sports and sports betting are probably aware of who Jim “Mattress Mack” Ingavale is. He is the guy that owns a furniture store in Houston who ended up making some promotions which ...

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