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  • how to erase your old sportsbook rollover

    You Want to Deposit at Your Favorite Sportsbook But You Still Have Old Rollover

    This is something that most online sports bettors will run into at some point. You took a great bonus offer last year that required a large rollover. You made it halfway through, or maybe not even tha...
  • sportsbook rollover meter

    Which Sportsbooks Offer a Rollover Calculator?

    One attractive thing about offshore sportsbooks is that they are able to offer very handsome bonuses. You can usually get something like a 100% cash or free play bonus with a 10 or 12X rollover.  So ...
  • frustrated bettor

    Sportsbooks That Limit Bet Size

    Sportsbooks are in the business of taking sports bets. That is their sole mission in life. So why in the world would a sportsbook place a limit on how much you can bet on a game? There are actually se...
  • How to work off your rollover

    3 Surefire Ways to Work Off a Large Rollover

    So, you took the big bonus thinking “what the heck, who cares how big the rollover is?”. But here you are. You have won more than you have lost and you have several thousand dollars in you...
  • sports betting special

    125% Sportsbook Bonus You Will Not Get Anywhere Else

    One of running a sports betting news website for almost 14 years is that we make great relationships with the online sportsbooks and we are able to strike special deals for our readers. One of such de...
  • Bankroll Bonus Management and Offers

    Best Sportsbook Bonus Offers for November 2020

    The sportsbook bonus can be a double edged sword. It can provide you with the extra cash you may need to keep that bankroll going and ultimately cash out a handsome sum of money. But it can also inclu...
  • rollover clause at sportsbooks beware

    Another Reason to Be Wary of Large Sportsbook Rollovers

    A rollover is a special rule placed on accounts that receive a bonus at a sportsbook. The rule requires the bettor to bet a certain amount before they can withdraw any money. The practice is considere...
  • risk free bet

    What is a “Risk Free Bet”?

    You may have heard this term “Risk Free Bet” in recent years (Not to be confused for “free play“). It is a type of sportsbook promotion that we are seeing more and more of. You...
  • sportsbook free plays versus cash

    What is a Free Play in Sports Betting?

    When sportsbooks offer simple deposit bonuses they have two ways they can do it. They can offer you a cash bonus. Or they can offer you a free play bonus. The difference is very important. A cash bonu...
  • bovada bonus offer 2019

    Bovada Special BTC Bonus

    As many of you know by now, Bitcoin is the easiest and fastest way to send funds p2p. In years past, people would have to pay up to $50 just to send a few hundred bucks with traditional international ...

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