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Have You Been to BetUS Lately? Full Review of BetUS

October 24, 2020

BetUS is a sportsbook with a long history online. In fact they are in their 25th year of operation. The book has steadily increased their ranking and under the current management and ownership has elevated itself to the highest level, an “A Rating” on our website. How we grade Site Design and Ease of Use […]

Sportsbook Grade Changes – Recent Moves

December 6, 2019

Recently we reached out to our readers to find out what they thought about specific sportsbooks in question. The information campaign was a huge success and we had a few dozen people write in. Some reviews were very short and to the point while others were very long and detailed. We followed up on the […]

BetDSI DownGrade

September 4, 2019

We have received a few messages in our inbox this week from players that are complaining about Diamond Sportsbook aka BetDSI. They received an email of a free bet waiting for them when they log-in. The problem is that when try to log-in, their password no longer works. When the player clicks the link to […]

Receive a Sportsbook Payout Recently? Tell Us How Long it Took.

December 14, 2017

As part of running a free service that informs the public at large about sportsbooks’ reliability, we depend on feedback from the readers. It’s that time of year where we are reaching out to you to ask about speed of your recent payout. Please use this contact form to let us know the following: Sportsbook […] Complaint and Response

October 19, 2015

The latest complaint for the much maligned sportsbook. Here is the exchange between the complainant and SBA: Scott T. (Last name redacted) email address redacted I have $1000 withdrawal from and it has been pending since August 12. Do I have any way to get this? I’ve been a customer a long time and […]

Sportsbook Complaint Desk is Clear

June 15, 2015

Currently all sportsbook complaints that we have on file have been acknowledged and followed up on. The complaints have been sent to the sportsbook in question and either resolved, addressed or ignored. The current ratings are issued based on how the sportsbook handled those complaints and the number of complaints on file. Sportsbook Advisor is […]

Sportsbook Feedback Update

November 18, 2014

We receive feedback from customers of online sportsbooks from time to time. We usually write back and thank them for their feedback¬†of information. If there is a complaint we try to help and if there is something very positive we try to verify that they are not a “troll” (a person that is on payroll […]