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  • baseball ERA and no hitters in pitch clock era

    Baseball Talk – ERA’s Up? – Where are the No Hitters?

    I was looking at some of the game previews earlier today and I noticed most of the pitchers listed in the games had pretty high ERAs. Names like Chris Sale (5.01 ERA), Max Scherzer (4.01 ERA), Patrick...
  • Bobby Knight career

    Why is Bob Knight Considered a College Basketball Legend?

    In Massillon, Ohio on October 25, 1940, one of the great basketball coaches, Bob Knight. He was also named “The General” due to his coaching style, and popularized the “motion offense”. Motion...
  • Boston vs Yankees

    The State of the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

    There are passionate rivalries in all sports. Think Ohio State-Michigan in college football, the Bears-Packers in the NFL, and Toronto-Montreal in the NHL. In baseball, there are a few old rivalries b...
  • Tony Gwyn history

    MLB Legacies: Tony Gwynn

    MLB has seen its fair share of legends in the game, however, players like Tony Gwynn had the power to shift the MLB betting odds. With a presence on the field that was enough to change a whole game, a...
  • how about the NFL

    Reasons NFL Fans Think the NFL is the Best League in Sports

    Football is America’s old school sweetheart. It’s what so many generations of proud Americans have grown up loving, admiring and watching over many decades. Football is enriched and enshrined in t...
  • perfect bracket?

    The Quest for the Perfect Bracket

    How long did your bracket make it this year? Furman carried on the tradition of a 13-seed beating a No. 4 with a 68-67 win over Virginia. If that one didn’t get you, it might have been No. 15 Prince...
  • San Diego State Final Four Appearance

    What You Don’t Know About the Final Four

    It has got to be the most unusual Final Four possibly in the history of college basketball. No No. 1 seeds, three first-time participants, and just a general sense of “WTF is going on here?” But h...
  • How have seeds finished the ncaa tournament in years past?

    A Look at the 2023 NCAA Tournament by the Numbers

    It all gets underway very soon. The first Thursday of the NCAA tournament is one of the best days of the year for sports fans and bettors alike. The TVs will be on everywhere around noon and work prod...
  • Kenyon Martin Jr

    Why The NBA Is The Most Entertaining Of All American Sports Leagues

    America is home to many great sports leagues, some of them among the most historic, and some of them the most prolific in sports history. American sports leagues, especially the NFL and MLB claim to b...
  • Michael Jordan the best ever?

    Why Do So Many NBA Fans Call Michael Jordan the Best Ever?

    Michael Jordan is, without doubt, one of the greatest, if not the absolute best players to ever grace basketball. His adventures with the Chicago Bull and Wizards are unknown to nobody, and his succes...

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