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  • Will there be a football season in 2020 odds

    Odds On If There Will Be a College Football Season Or Not

    If you are a football fan you have definitely heard the public debate as to whether or not there will be a college football season this year. The concern, of course, stems from the Covid-19 virus whic...

  • Maxwell Trial Odds

    Ghislaine Maxwell Betting Odds

    Ever since Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested at her $1M New Hampshire Ranch last month, the internet has been a buzz with speculation and friendly bets. We noticed that no sportsbook was posting odds on ...

  • Prop Odds

    Updated Super Bowl Odds and Props

    The big game is just ten days away and sports bettors have been trickling in with their action. Most of it has been on the overall point spread and total. But there are a myriad of bets than can be pl...