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  • NBA betting action report - Futures - 2021

    NBA Playoffs Start Tonight – Futures Betting Report

    The NBA playoffs get under way tonight with the play-in games. These will decide which of the lower seed teams will get to play which higher-seed team. Click here for the NBA playoff picture The two g...
  • Elite 8 public betting trends

    Elite 8 Public Betting Report

    In this brief article we will display what the public is betting in regards to the Elite 8 games which start just hours from now. There are two games slated for tonight and two for tomorrow. There wil...
  • Vegas Action Report NCAA Tournament 2021

    Vegas Action on 2021 NCAA Tournament

    The 2021 NCAA tournament is ready to head into its second weekend and already bettors are in an absolute frenzy. With no March Madness last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, bettors were hungry to...
  • NFL week 17 betting trends

    NFL Week 17 Lopsided Action Report

    For those betting fans who like to see which way the public is betting on the big games, we report weekly on the NFL betting action. To keep from wasting valuable internet space (LOL) we only include ...
  • NBA Betting Futures Report

    NBA Futures Betting Action Report

    In this article we will take a look at the futures bets received for the 2021 NBA season.  The report will show the top five teams for the totals tickets wagered as well as the total money wagered. T...
  • Baker Matfield and Browns take on Titans

    NFL Week 13 Lopsided Bet Action Report

    Every week we give a report on the lopsided bets directly from the sportsbook itself. For the bet to make our report, both the total tickets and actual money wagered must both be lopsided on the same ...
  • week 14 college betting report

    College Football Week 14 Lopsided Bet Report

    Each week we report to you the games which are beat heavily lopsided at a major sportsbook. Any game over 67% on both ticket and cash are recorded in our report. Usually you have between 4 and 8 such ...
  • Tua Melt

    Bookies Clean Up on NFL Sunday

    If you are a regular follower of this blog then you know we post a report on lopsided betting action before the weekend slate of games. This helps our readers see what the public is doing and maybe av...
  • NFL public betting report

    NFL Week 10 Lopsided Action Report

    As we did earlier with college football, we are now bringing you the NFL lopsided action report. You can use the public action report to either avoid betting along with the public, or as some people d...
  • UFC 249 action report

    UFC 249 Action Report

    In just three hours the Fight Pass prelims will start for UFC 249. Standard prelims start at 8pm and the main card is set to begin around 10pm. Sportsbooks are reporting a deluge of betting on these f...

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