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  • Who wil be drafted #1 in 2022?

    Who Will Be the Top Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? With Odds Listed

    The 2022 NFL Draft is all set to take place in Paradise, Nevada, beginning on Thursday, April 28. Paradise, which is a Las Vegas suburb, was to be the site of the 2020 NFL draft, but the coronavirus p...
  • why do bowl games suck in 2021?

    Why Do Bowl Games Suck in 2021?

    Imagine you are an 18- to 22-year-old FBS college football player. You’re team has a pretty good season and competed for a conference championship. The phone rings once the season is over and … yo...
  • Steals of the 2021 NFL Draft

    Biggest Steals of the 2021 NFL Draft

    With the 2021 NFL Draft now behind us, NFL teams will begin the process of preparing their rosters for the upcoming season. As always happens, there will be a draft pick or few (or several) that will ...
  • Waddle drafted by Miami grade

    SBA’s NFL Draft 2021 Grades – The Top Ten

    Day 1 of the 2021 NFL draft is in the books and it was everything fans had hoped. There was the no surprise first pick, a run on offense early, and even a trade into the top ten. The 2021 draft was li...
  • QB Busts 2021?

    Is There a QB Bust in the 2021 NFL Draft?

    There were five quarterbacks selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The top three picks in this year’s draft could be quarterbacks. That is simply evidence of how important it is for tea...
  • NFL Draft Day Predicted Moves

    Possible Draft Day Moves and Wagers

    The parity of the NFL is what makes it such a great league. Teams can go from 4-12 in one year to a playoff team that has serious Super Bowl aspirations the next. Free agency can change a team’s...
  • Najee Harris Draft

    Pre-Draft NFL Futures

    It’s NFL Draft week, as football fans are counting down the hours until Roger Goodell takes the stage in Cleveland on Thursday. While some draft bets are obvious, like Trevor Lawrence going firs...
  • Kyle Pitts rookie TE from UF

    SBA’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft: The Top Ten

    Before you know it, the 2021 NFL draft will be upon us. Without the frenzy known as the NFL Combine – it wasn’t held due to the coronavirus pandemic – draftniks, fans, and the rest of us have ha...
  • NFL Draft Odds

    NFL Draft Prop Bets – NFL Draft News

    The NFL draft will take place in two days and what better time to thrown down some money on what will technically be your first NFL bet of 2020? LOL. As you probably know by now the NFL draft will be ...
  • NFL Draft odds2020

    NFL Draft Betting Odds

    The NFL Draft is fast approaching and there are all types of odds on the board for how it will unfold. The draft starts on Thursday April 23rd and ends Saturday the 25th. This year’s draft will ...

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